We offer strategic solutions that you can depend on, anywhere in the world!


No other company can match the advantages, experience, tailored solutions and customer support that Aviation Brake offers! Since 1987 we have dedicated our efforts to be the pioneers in the industry when it comes to the service, repair, overhaul and exchange of aircraft brakes. Our efforts have paid off, and everyday world-renowned airlines and customers from around the globe come to us with the assurance that our highly skilled team will respond to their needs with only the best.


Armed with our FAA approved repair station, in-house lab, trained and experienced mechanics, and unrivaled industry insight, we provide complete repair capabilities, inspect, conduct non-destructive testing, hardness testing, machining, painting and brake final assembly for commercial, military, regional, corporate and private aircraft operators internationally and within the United States.

From a small Lear Jet to a B777, the following are some of the most important brakes we support:


EMB 190 - 90002317


B737 - 2606672-4; 2-1474-7


DHC-8 - 2-1599


B7373NG – 2612312-1; 2-1587-1


JS41 – AHA1835


B767 - 2612412-1A; 2607092-4; C20508000


D328 - 90002030


MD80 - 2608892-1; 5007898-3; 5004321-14


ATR72 - C20585710; AHA1653


MD11 - 2609472-4


ATR42 - 5012609; 2-1549-3


DC-10 - 5000758-10R


EMB 145 - 2-1624


A320 - 2-1684; C20225510

In today’s technology carbon brakes offer higher performance, weight savings and more durability.  They adapt to friction maintaining their efficiency level, no matter how hot or how cold the temperature may get, and they operate the same at both high and low speeds.  Our inspectors who hold level 2 licenses complete all brake work and testing within our facility before any of our units are signed and approved for release, this policy adheres to our commitment to total customer satisfaction and safety above all.

We know that braking is an essential function for an aircraft,

and therefore we take it very seriously!


When a 500+ ton airplane touches down on a runway all its load is transferred from the airframe to the ground through its landing wheels. Under these extreme conditions, the wheels accelerate from 0 to 170+ MPH in less than a second and experience severe temperature changes that go from sub-zero at 30,000 feet to drastic heat at braking.  Wheels play an important role in the safety of aircrafts, and this is why at Aviation Brake Service we are dedicated to provide the most reliable services, to ensure that every landing is a safe one!


Our customers, including large aircraft operators as well as small corporate ones, know that our company continues to grow, diversify and expand our departments, that we offer complete service of OEM quality overhauls and repairs, that we are CASE registered, and that we are equipped to provide 24/7 customer support, including during AOG situations, all with proven logistics management and unsurpassed turnaround time.

The following are some of the most important wheels we support:


B737 – 2606671-2; 3-14-39-6; 2607825-X


DC-10 - 5000757-X; 5000919-1


B7373NG – 2612311-1; 3-1558; 3-1559


A320 - C20195162; 3-1530; 3-1531-X


B767 - 2606741-1; C20509000


ATR72 - AHA1890; C20586100


MD80 - 2608891-1; 5007897-X; 5004320-X; 9550267-X


ATR42 - 50006856-5; 5006858-2; 3-1518


MD11 - 2609471-2


EMB 190 - 9000581-1; 9000582-X

In addition, they associate our name with a reputation of excellence in customer support, and a leadership in brake and wheels services including nose, main wheels and gear assembly components.  Our customers know that with our expertise and technology we will keep their aircrafts operating in optimal conditions, and that we are available to serve all major airlines including commercial, regional, military, private and business, globally and within the United States.

Working with experienced partners, makes a world of difference!


With a successful record spanning since 1987, our company separates itself by providing a distinctive level of service and infusing quality all throughout our process.  Whether our customers are in search of repair, overhaul (MRO) or exchange services, our team will respond with unparalleled support, reliable service and trusted solutions.


Aviation Brake has the capabilities to inspect, service and overhaul both individual hydraulic components as well as complete hydraulic assemblies.  Our in-house lab and testing facilities allows us to provide the technical ability and efficiency to deliver turnkey solutions for:


Hydraulic actuators




Pneumatic valves


Brake calipers


And for other numerous components for commercial, military, regional, corporate and private aircrafts globally and nationwide.

Safety and airworthiness of aircrafts are our main priority!  This is the reason why we operate under the strictest guidelines from beginning to end, and also why we dedicate our efforts in maintaining superior quality, competitive delivery, cost efficiency, which all together result in strong working relationships with our customers.


Our company utilizes the most up-to-date technical documents to ensure that all work is performed to the OEM manufacturer’s current standards and specifications, and all parts and components are documented and fully traceable.

Facilitating our customers’ experiences is our specialty, and in order to be able to do so, we partnered with a reputable Tire OEM such as Goodyear, and a renowned Tire Retread plant such as Wilkerson. These alliances allow us to offer Tire Retread Services, New and Retread Tires Distribution as well as a very special program called SUP which responds to the great needs in the aviation industry, for quick, safe and dependable Tire support.


SUP stands for Single Unit Price, which means customers always pay a fixed price for a specific tire size, no matter if the tire being supplied is a retreaded or new one.


We designed this program to assist our customers to better manage their inventory of used tires in order to get fast replacements and avoid unnecessary down time and costly AOGs.


It is a simple, convenient and cost effective solution, where customers send us the removed tires from an aircraft, and instead of waiting for retread to take place, or having to buy new expensive tires, we immediately provide them with tires ranging from new to R5 in exchange for the removals.


Our program manages the tires by size, quantity and condition, and does not take into consideration serial numbers, making it easier for the operator to handle.  We are equipped to maintain a predetermined pool of tires in house at no extra cost for our customers, all for the convenience of responding to AOG situations fast and cost effectively.

There are many advantages when using our SUP program including:






Streamlines the tire removal process since there is no need to control serial numbers

Reduces the delivery time of replacements since there is no need to wait for the retread process which can take between 5-6 weeks

Guarantees the availability of your specific tire sizes at the precise moment you need them

Consolidates the management of your tires in one place, and transfers us the responsibility of coordinating the logistics with different OEMs

Saves money! If one of your removals is rejected for retread, we will still provide you with another airworthy tire under the SUP pricing program at no additional cost.

Our SUP program supports the following fleets among others:


B727 – 49x17; 50x21.0-20; 32x11.5-15


MD11- H54x21.0-24


B737 – H40x14.5-19; 27x7.75


MD80 – H44.5x16.5-20; 26x6.6


B737NG – H44.5x16.5-21; 27x7.75-15


DC10 – 52x20.5-16; 40x15.5-16


B757 – H40x14.4-19; H31x12.0


A320 – 46x17.0R20; 30x8.8R15


B767 - H46x18.0-20; H37x14.0-15


Embraer 190 – H41x16.0-20; 24x7.7

We are flexible, reliable and committed to keeping your aircraft flying safely!


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