Since 1987 we evolved from humble beginnings to offer comprehensive

& tailored solutions for virtually all aircrafts!


Armed with an experienced team, including upper management and our founder who first started out as a technician himself providing nothing else but excellence, lead mechanics, level 2NDT inspectors, supervisors, quality control personnel, a professional and highly trained office and warehouse staff, our human factor and expertise continue to be our best asset!


We are also equipped with a modern facility, our own in-house shop, a large warehouse fully stocked with tires and rotable components, over 20,000 square feet of space fully dedicated to offer repair, exchange and overhaul of brakes, wheels and other hydraulic components, and with the latest in software to perform multiple levels of testing and inspections. Aviation Brake Service Inc., is an established and fast growing industry leader serving major airlines internationally and nationwide, and assisting world leading aircrafts to be safer and more reliable.


We are proud to offer our customers the highest level of operational expertise, dependability and customized solutions ranging from repairing one individual component to comprehensive MRO services.  Within our facility we provide extensive competence for a wide range of systems and equipment, including hydraulics, actuators, brakes, tires, avionics, propellers, components and accessories.


We strive to be a one stop shop with endless capabilities, a team that assists customers to manage their inventories on an ongoing basis, and a company that delivers a broad range of products and solutions all within one single point of contact.


At Aviation Brake Service Inc., we master organization, a systematic approach, efficiency and reliability.  These are our traits and operational standards and the reasons why we are known as the company with one name, under one roof and with endless solutions!


With our well trained and highly skilled mechanics, technicians and engineers, as well as our nearly 30 years of experience in the repair, overhaul and exchange of parts for nearly all aircraft manufacturers, we provide fully integrated systems meeting virtually any of our customers’ needs, on time and without ever compromising safety.


From point of contact, through inspections, testing, repair, overhaul or exchange services, until the point of delivery, we follow a rigorous process securing that we meet the highest quality standards and comply with all industry and regulatory requirements.


We understand that our customers rely on us to maintain their aircrafts safely in the air; this is why we are equipped with a large inventory of available parts, components and systems, and with experts that are trained to respond fast, with reliable support services and who continuously surpass our customers’ expectations.


Our streamlined process and expertise along with our capabilities make us the premier choice to support top manufacturers such as: Goodyear, Honeywell, Dunlop, Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems, Messier-Bugatti, B.F. Goodrich, Bridgestone, Michelin, Parker and Cleveland among others.

Selecting the right partners = obtaining the right solutions!






At Aviation Brake we are an experienced and leading repair facility with unsurpassed standards of excellence in our operations, services, products and customer support.  These standards also apply to our Nondestructive Testing Services, which are second to none, and which give our customers exact results on the parts and components in question.


Our highly skilled inspectors with license level 2 conduct a thorough product evaluation, troubleshooting and inspection all within our state of the art NDT inspection and testing facility. All testing and inspection is performed by our experts on a variety of components such as wheels, brakes and others, all to determine continued conformance to technical data and regulatory requirements.


Since 1987 we have been dedicated to provide our customers with experienced, high-precision, accurate, reliable, fast and cost efficient solutions that address their unique needs, and to respond to them with the integrity, professionalism and dependability that they deserve.











We work hard to ensure your safety!


Since 1987 we have devoted our efforts to build a reliable company, to be a single source solution provider, with a solid foundation, a systematic approach and to form strategic partnerships that enable us to offer our services 24/7 internationally and nationwide.


Within our facility conveniently located in Miami, Florida, minutes away from MIA International Airport, our logistics department works arduously to coordinate, ship, pack and consolidate our customers’ repaired, overhauled or exchanged parts, components and systems to list a few, and to send them as fast and cost efficiently as possible by air, ground or sea, anywhere in the world.


Our staff composed of experienced and highly trained personnel, is dedicated to meet the highest standards of safety and quality in the industry, to value our customers’ time, to understand their needs and to respond with proven solutions, customized services, flawless work and unrivaled turnaround time.

Because for us time also matters!


  • FAA CRS No. QVIR333K
  • DUNS No. 195702480
  • E.A.S.A. 145.4201

7274 NW 34th St.

Miami, FL 33122

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