Since 1987, Aviation Brake has been a company committed to serving its customers on an international and domestic level. With F.A.A., E.A.S.A., CASE and Department of Defense approval, we are a licensed and specialized 145-repair station dedicated to provide the finest work in aircraft brakes, wheels, tires and accessories.


Our team confidently services and sells aircraft parts for commercial, regional, corporate, military and private aircrafts to list a few. We specialize in the repair, overhaul and exchange of brakes, main wheels and nose wheels, tires, and hydraulics components, and we also offer support for mechanical accessories that depend on friction, mechanical linkage or pneumatic pressure for optimal performance.


With our founder as part of our team, and as our daily driving force to be and deliver the best, Aviation Brake is constantly striving to remain as leaders in our industry while maintaining our focus on offering personalized attention and superior customer support.

Each staff member is an integral part of our company, devoted to finding the latest in technology, more efficient and cost effective methods, in an effort to deliver superb performance and quality in our products and services.


Over the years our company developed strategic partnerships and representations with prestigious and established organizations such as Honeywell, Goodyear, Dunlop and Wilkerson, to offer ample inventory of parts and services, including wheels, tires and brakes, which are available to our customers 24/7.  At Aviation Brake it is our ongoing goal to provide turnkey solutions, to consistently surpass our customers’ unique expectations, and respond efficiently to their critical needs.

We strive to be a solid, trusted, experienced and reliable business partner!


Driven by a childhood dream, determination and ambition to succeed, Mr. Andres Posse, an avid pilot and aviation aficionado established Aviation Brake in 1987.  It all started as a small dream with the hope that through hard work and persistence, Aviation Brake would one day become a reputable, leading and solid repair station offering a myriad of solutions to the airline industry.


From a tiny 500 SF facility large enough to support 3 staff members, our founder, an inspector and an assistant, managed the brake shop and personally delivered each completed project in a pick up truck all within a 24-hour period.  Customers quickly began to appreciate the quality of our work, our turnaround time, and especially the superb level of customer service.  Our dedication coupled with the advantage of being one of the few shops offering these services gave us a key position in the industry, and since then Aviation Brake has been on the rise.

In addition, we expanded to offer services to diversified markets internationally as well as locally, including to regional, corporate, commuter, private, military and business aircrafts.


Today our company is equipped with our in-house lab, the latest in technology, and an invaluable staff composed of lead mechanics, inspectors, supervisors, purchasing and quality control departments, as well as our management team led by our Founder and C.E.O., who continues to be a visionary always searching for ways to exceed our customers’ expectations, and take our company to a next level.


We look forward to continue serving

our loyal customers, & to set new

standards in our industry!

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At Aviation Brake we consider each of our staff members an integral part of our team.  It is through their collaboration, dedication and support that we achieve our daily goals, and that we are able to serve our customers with the attention, care and urgency that they deserve.

Our leadership team is composed of our President and C.E.O. Mr. Andres Posse, who oversees the daily implementation of our strategies, the direction of our company, and who is constantly striving to find the best products and solutions that will provide benefits to our customers, our business and commercial partners as well as maintaining our company up to date with all technological advances.


President & Chief Executive Officer, Owner, Founder – 1987-2016

Aviation Brake Service, Inc.  Miami, Florida, USA.

Mr. Federico Adarve, our Chief of Operations & Financial Officer, has the challenging responsibility of directing the company’s financial directions, human resource efforts, strategic planning as well as corporate development. We feel fortunate to have Fred as part of our team for the past 15 years, bringing efficiency and productivity to our daily operations.


Chief of Operations and Financial Officer - 2001-2016

Aviation Brake Service, Inc. Miami Florida, USA.

Mr. Juan Carlos Arango, our Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for all commercial activities, customer service and support, and the coordination of the departments with our brake and wheel repair stations.  We are grateful to have Juan Carlos with Aviation Brake for the past 22 years, he has been one of our greatest assets, and a key factor in the steady growth, diversification and success of our entire company and team.


Chief Commercial Officer – 1994-2016

Aviation Brake Service, Inc. Miami Florida, USA

Mr. Jose Daniel Camargo, our Chief Inspector, and level 2 NDT inspector, is the Quality Control at Aviation Brake Service Inc., and supervises all of our company’s inspectors.  He has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has been with us since our inception.  We are fortunate to have Daniel as part of our team, and take great pride in knowing that he heads our quality control department, and has complete repair station inspection responsibility.

Chief Inspector- 1987-2016

Aviation Brake Service, Inc. Miami Florida, USA.


At Aviation Brake we have an unwavering commitment to deliver superior quality

and excellence in customer service.


This is what differentiates us!

Backed with an experienced team composed of engineers, lead mechanics, inspectors with level 2 licenses, and a quality control department fully dedicated to supervise everyone of our projects, we meet our daily goals to deliver safe, meticulously tested and OEM approved aircraft parts, to ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations.  Product quality is instilled in us and is our guiding principle!


Whether it is brakes, wheels, tires, hydraulic components, or accessories, we work hard to service, repair, overhaul and exchange any parts that our customers in military, private, commercial, commuter and corporate aircrafts may need.


All of our departments and staff members work hand in hand from beginning to end, to secure that from tooling, repair, assembly, testing to delivery, everything results in a seamless process to achieve complete product dependability.


For almost 30 years we have been providing our customers with peace of mind, reliability, competitive pricing, on time deliveries and ample inventory that is available 24/7.  We look forward to continue expanding, diversifying, improving our technologies and equipment, increasing our productivity, and meeting each of our customers’ unique needs locally and internationally.


When quality & safety matter, you can rely on us!


Since 1987 Aviation Brake Service Inc. has worked hard to earn, maintain and continue to develop strategic commercial partnerships as well as business alliances with prestigious, professional, solid and internationally acclaimed entities who provide world-class services in the aviation industry.


Through our partnerships and with our certifications and licenses, we are known as one of the most trusted suppliers of OEM and FAA approved aircraft replacement parts including brakes, wheels, tires, hydraulic components, propellers, actuators and other avionic accessories to list a few.


In order to obtain and maintain certifications as a repair station to perform maintenance and repair on aircrafts, a company must be equipped with the necessary technology, programs, skilled personnel and systems as dictated and required by all regulatory agencies. We take great pride in mentioning that we are certified, licensed and approved by the following entities.

By combining the latest in technology, highly skilled technicians and mechanics, experienced staff members, our in house lab and quality control departments, strategic and commercial partnerships, and our permits and certifications, at Aviation Brake we offer endless capabilities and comprehensive solutions to support almost all aircraft manufacturers.






E.A.S.A. (European Aviation Safety Agency) 145.4201

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) CRS No.: QVIR333K

14CFR part 145 Repair station

CCR Cage Code: 33WV7  -  Duns No. 195702480

DOD (Department of Defense) Export License No.: M20917

CASE Roster Approval


At Aviation Brake Service Inc., we stand behind the quality of our products and services!  Our superior workmanship is what makes us proud and what has earned us an unrivaled reputation in the industry, which we treasure and will not compromise under any circumstances.


It is our company’s policy to conduct a meticulous inspection, to keep thorough documentation and perform multiple testing’s before any of our repaired or overhauled goods are shipped back to our customers.  We strive to minimize down time and eliminate unnecessary costs by completing our work on time, by doing our work right, and by processing each part, unit, or product, in accordance with its OEM manuals and all applicable regulations as dictated by FAA requirements.


For aviation tires and wheels, or new units, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provides all product warranty.  The warranty period begins on the date of receipt by the customer. These warranties are subject to the terms and conditions of the OEMs.

Note: Some warranties will not be honored once there is an alteration, modification or damage done to the original product(s) by an outside company other than its OEM.


Aviation Brake offers 1-year warranty on workmanship on overhaul, inspection or repair services, but customer must submit warranty claim within 30 days of discovery of any failure.   In addition, we guarantee the performance and workmanship of the replacement parts and repairs, which were carried out on the specific repair work order.


Items in which no repair or parts replacement was performed are considered to be simply function tested or bench checked and do not include warranty. Some warranty claims may be voided depending on the time between overhauls, and on specific parts, components and units. In addition, our company will not honor warranty consideration for items that have experienced defects or failures from misuse, improper handling, improper installation or improper unpacking on customers’ end.


  • FAA CRS No. QVIR333K
  • DUNS No. 195702480
  • E.A.S.A. 145.4201

7274 NW 34th St.

Miami, FL 33122

Phone: (305) 594-4677

AOG: (305) 331-5890

Fax: (305) 477-5799